Fujitsu Stylistic Q550

January 25th, 2012

I recently bought one of these devices to use in my business and I suspect that they really are (if anything) a business tool. However, they may have some applications for students who have learning difficulties (LD).

The Q550 is a solid beast that will withstand punishment from children (unlike iPad). The sales pitch suggests that the Gorrilla glass can be dropped onto a concrete floor from 2 metres and not break. I haven’t been game to try the experiment with mine. It can also be secured by a fingerprint scanner which is useful for keeping photos, documents and so on secure.

Unlike iPad and Android devices, the Q550 is a Tablet PC that runs Windows 7. Therefore, it runs MS Word, Excel, Power Point and so on as native apps. The downside is that it’s expensive ($1300) and a little slow. The touch functions with finger input also run a distant third to iPad and Android.

The useful thing is that the Q550 comes with a stylus that allows the student to write/draw on the screen with really good accuracy. This means that they can open a document in MS Word and write as if they were using a pen and paper. The same function can be used for maths problems and so on. Import the teacher’s worksheet to the device, open it in Word and circle, sketch, or take notes at will. (See You Tube for a demo.

In summary, if you have cash to burn and can afford to have multiple devices the Q550 might be worth a look. However, for the price the Q550 probably isn’t going to beat a simple PC or Mac laptop and a cheaper tablet or iPod Touch.

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